Barack Obama mentioned courage once last night. I found the reference a bit odd.

He said that we need courage to preserve the promise of America for the next generation. Why he didn’t speak of freedom and liberty to pursue our dreams and instead spoke of promise, I don’t know, but okay, that’s not my point here.

We need courage. We all need courage. Courage is a virtue we all should have. We need courage to preserve America.

What struck me a bit odd though, was his saying that when the promise was threatened “students and soldiers” found the courage to keep it alive.

What’s that mean? Did he mean student-soldiers like citizen-soldiers? No, that doesn’t work given the context.

I hope he isn’t equating the courage of “students” and “soldiers.” Given that courage is the ability to face danger with firmness, what’s the courage of a student? What’s the danger a student faces? is it the “danger” of a poor grade? Or was this Barack the “community organizer” speaking? Is he referring to the dangers of a student sit-in? of candle-light vigils? of the practice of civil disobedience?

By contrast, yesterday I was catching up on some reading and read an article from the July USNI Proceedings, an excerpt from Jim Sheeler’s book, Final Salute. It’s a tear jerker as it tells of the final journey of Jim Cathey and the duty of a Marine officer to deliver the news of Jim’s death to his pregnant wife. Jim Cathey died when a booby-trapped door blew him to pieces.

I love the academy and students, but I really hope Barack Obama didn’t mean to equate the courage of soldiers facing death with that of students.

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  1. Maybe “courage of students” like Kent State students?

  2. Oh, I suppose, and maybe leaders of the SDS?

    And does that take us back to that question of patriotism…. and why -Obama- should find it “striking” that the question of patriotism today “remains rooted in the culture wars of the 1960s”? I mean, why’s it “striking” if he’s the one making the comparisons?

    So, why not speak of soldiers and protesters? if that’s what he means? “Students” doesn’t work.

  3. Democrats in general “remain rooted in the culture wars of the 1960’s.” Most of the current generation of senior Dems were students who protested, marched, chanted and generally opposed the government. From that experience they learned to distrust government. Now they want the rest of the nation to distrust it, at least when it’s being run by a Republican. Just elect them and they will make it all better…

    It’s sad, really. The Dems want to go back to the ’60’s. It’s also frightening to think that they could end up in the White House with that attitude. The rest of the world got over the 60’s but not the Dems.

    NObama, not in ’08. Never!

  4. I was just giving an example of the “students” he meant. An awful lot of “movements” start on college campuses – and, youth are notorious about distrusting authority, no?

  5. Hey Pop, yes 60s Democrats distrust government when a Republican is in office–i.e. when they’re not getting what they want…. Course, Republicans tend to distrust government too. After all, “government is the problem, not the solution.” And I know “trust, but verify” was used for a treaty, but it seems applicable to “checks and balances.”

    And I wonder, do Democrats and Republican trust the “checks and balances”?

    Tony, I was making no particular reference to Kent State and I have no reason to think that was Obama’s reference either. It seems that he’s trying to be inclusive, but of course Bush-McCain aren’t to be included among the trusted….

  6. P.S. Tony, I think students are more notorious for partying.

    And if we’re to discuss the courage of 60s protesters, I think I’d use the civil rights protesters like Spike Lee showed in his 4 Little Girls.

    Facing the dynamite of racists, those protesters showed some courage. And while we could say they distrusted authority, like Bull Connor, I’d say they wanted the enforcement of the law, not the destruction of “the system.”

  7. Beau, you are right. The Republicans distrust the government 10 times more than Democrats do. But more so when Democrats are in office. Glad we live in a Democracy, not a Republic. Gives me home that the Democrats will take charge of Bush’s messes and led this country back to greatness. Obama in ’08 — and -’12. Then Hillary in ’16 and ’20. Let’s run the table.

  8. Hey Denis, thanks for the encouragement. With enough attempts I was bound to be right sooner or later.

    And maybe you can clarify some definitions for me:

    Does Government with Democrats=Democracy? and Government with Republicans=Republic?

    And God save us from any leader and democracy like in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea….

  9. I was kidding about Democracy and Republic. All I know is history will not be kind to Bush II.

  10. Kidding? Oh, hmmm, I guess that’s allowed. 🙂

    History? You know the future? Got tips on the lottery? Got insider knowledge?

  11. He’s a tip. Don’t bet on McCain to win.

  12. That should be “Here’s a tip.”

  13. Yes, Denis, I see here your vision of the future:

    I’m a bit skeptical….

  14. Hey, a guy can hope that Americans come to their senses. I’m just trying to move them along in the right direction. Thanks for noticing and being a member of the coalition of the willing.

  15. I think you don’t know your “right” from your “left.” I’ll pass on the tip.

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